Dedicated to: The Life and Works of Ace R. Hayes  
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January 7, 1940-February 13, 1998

A "Fairplay Humanitarian" and Democratic Socialist he was a Writer, Researcher, Teacher, Husband, Father, Machinist, Philosopher, Poet and Farmer. Ace fought corruption and injustice tirelessly. Behind his brash, unrestrained, ever-expressed, cynical world view, he was a man who deeply loved humanity and strove tirelessly to preserve the rights of all. He was a pioneer in the dissection of propaganda, with a keen eye for "horse pucky." He uncovered and compiled in his writings, a true understanding of fascism and the unmaking of America by the criminal elite.

He passed away during the time of his prime effectiveness. In this post- 911 world, we need him now more than ever.


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Ace's trusty Kaypro II     One wonders what Ace could have accomplished with today's gadgets. Most of his work pre-dated the internet's ubiquitousness by a few short years. His Kaypro was his only interface. Laughable by today's standards, it was no more than a glorified typewriter, but yet, ever resourceful and the epitomy of "old school" he used the tools he had available.

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Ace often displayed his copy of Oswald's cut and paste Life Mag. photo. It was a staple of his Red Rose Class. It served as jarring even comic introduction to the many tentacled cover-up of the JFK assassinaton. Ace was an avid and astute researcher of assassinations. The late 20th Century was teeming with cases and cover-ups.