Link to his obituary published in the Oregonian (maintained on the Lighthouse Report website):

 A C E

He was brilliant;
He was brash,
and by god,
he would not lick anybody's ass.

To me he was always kind;
The type of man who is rare,
and very hard to find.

A genius in the rough,
And though he seemed tough,
He was a gentle soul.
A pity that death so soon,
took its toll.

Ace, my true friend for sure,
was always there,
when needed,
with his loving care.

He was a friend of the folks,
near and far, big and small.
And even to my mother,
Rose, he gave her his all.

He carried on his brigade,
as if it were a crusade.
It did not matter,
if he were not paid.

Hats off Ace! !
You did mark your place,
with dedication, honor and love.
I shall always cherish you,
as if given to us from above.

Rest, my friend, do not tarry,
to go join the glory of the merry,
who carry on the dream,
for everything that we esteem.

Ace, sorry from us
you had to go,
but I shall always cherish
your afterglow.

--Poppy A. Warren, Portland, Ore.

Originally published in the March/April 1998 issue of the PFP.