At the time of his death Ace had amassed some 6,000 books covering history, politics, biographies, philosophy, WWII, etc, etc... He was vigilant to prevent books from getting lost in what he perpetually warned us against: the memory hole. He regularly poured over catalogs from Edward R. Hamilton, a remainder wholesaler, where he, with his keen eye for what the-powers-that-be would have us not know, rescued gems on their way down. Without Ace on the watchtower, what books are going quietly out-of-print?

It's not the only conduit for remaindered books, but it was Ace's favorite:


Ace was both a friend to and customer of Tom Davis Books of Aptos, CA who are now out of business. He put out a unconspicuously modest, photo-copied mailorder catalog of the most important, hard-to-find "political power" books. He offered the most comprehensive selection of books on assassinations I have ever seen. I have been unable to obtain information on his whereabouts. I don't know if he has passed away or has simply retired. If anyone has  current information about him please send me an e-mail at: Finding it nowhere on the web, I intend to post the list of books in his catalog for informational purposes. I'd prefer to do it with direct permission.


Ace, in machinist mode, introduced me to a little known publisher of hard-to-find, technical, do-it-yourself books called Lindsay's Technical Books. They publish both reprinted texts and original material most notably by Dave Gingery.

Partial list of Ace's favorite authors (Alphabetically)

Fred J. Cook
Jack London
Scott Nearing
Bertrand Russell
George Seldes
Upton Sinclair