PFP Archive

Portland Free Press
Published from October 1993--Spring 2001
Motto: "Tell the Truth and Run..."-George Seldes

 Combined list of Contributors (Working back from the last issue to the first as listed on the contents page): Ace R. Hayes, Janet Marcley-Hayes, Husayn Al-Kurdi, J.J. Al-Kurdi, Jeff Archer, Dan Flanagan, Robert Lederman, Ed Miller, Bonnie Perkins, Sherman Skolnik, Michael Steinberg, Nick Tanery...To be completed.

(Archivist note: Due to my inability to miraculously put up all existing PFP content at once: I will be posting Ace's articles first. I do not have access to original artwork. I will attempt to scan images and photos as they appeared in newsprint. I will post any that have retained reasonable clarity. Warning: I'm a very slow typist.)