About us

I met Ace in Portland in 1988 as a student attending his Secret Government classes at the "Red Rose School." I joined a core group of activists who would meet regularly in Ace's "War Room" before he moved his shop and the PFP office to Sherwood. I instantly appreciated Ace's great value as a one-of-a-kind teacher of the real history of the "American Empire's" ongoing march to fascism. In our post 9-11 world, I think about him everyday. His now absent contribution to our understanding of the the elite's plans for world domination, (as the conspiracy has hit hyperspeed,) is a void that no one else can fill with equal passion and his unique perspective.

In the years since Ace's passing I have searched the web and waited for someone else to step up and post his memorial archive. Janet Marcley-Hayes (Ace's widow) and the PFP crew put out a promise to do so. Up to this point that challenge has not been met with success, but not for a lack of trying. Janet worked hard to keep his substantial legacy together on her own. I'm honored that she has consented to my use of this domain name.

I'm not the ideal candidate to carry this torch. I have zero previous web experience. This will be the first web-site I have attempted. My qualifications are my humble appreciation of him and my desire to preserve his memory. I endeavor to let Ace speak for himself through his writings, etc... I call upon others to submit their contributions to this site. It will take everyone who knew him to piece together an adequate remembrance of this brilliant and complex man.

I'm working closely with Janet. She has graciously supplied me with a complete set of back issues of the Portland Free Press. I will put up as much content from them as is practical. I have a version, albeit incomplete, of his class outline/annotated bibliography that I will be putting up. Check back often, I'll be building this website little by little with my fingers crossed with the intent to keep in going. Thank you for visiting this site.

You can send submissions and contact me at:
archivist@acehayes.org ---Ellen Fitzgerald

Janet Marcley-Hayes can still be reached for the time being at the old PFP e-mail address: